Common Thursdays

Note that Common Thursdays are currently on hold.

Come join an open community gathering starting with soup and bread at 5:45 pm, followed by discussion or activity at 6:15 pm - 7 pm in the Fellowship Hall.
If you want to join the pastor in making soup or bread, and for conversation, kitchen office hours are 12 pm - 2pm.
The Stone Soup Pot
Your contribution to the meal, if you can: Either bring ingredients to the church kitchen on Sunday, or by noon Thursday. We’ll prepare a vegetarian soup, so bring boxes or cans of vegetable stock; onions, potatoes, carrots, other root vegetables, greens, farm stand produce, cans of beans, bags of lentils or beans; flour, yeast, oil, or butter. If you bring it on Thursday night, we’ll use it the next time.